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World's first online electronics recycling platform that successfully served high profile brands.

Engaged Recycling
Electronics Recycling
Engaged Recycling, LLC
5 years
Technology Stack
PHP, Drupal, MySQL, NginX
Released products
Multi-Tenant Online Recycling Platform
Key Metric
100,000s of devices recycled through platform
Business Challenge
Back in 2007, when the market of consumer personal electronics has significantly grown at a scale, and the era of online services just started emerging, there was no online electronics recycling solution available in the market. The world needed a solution, and Engaged Recycling, Inc, a company from Minnesota, came up with the idea of fast and easy online recycling platform. The main challenge was to not only to make the app simple and incredibly attractive for the consumers, but also create a multi-tenant environment that could help with white-labeling of the named recycling platform across the variety of brands at a different scale.
How we helped
To ensure the minimal time-to-market, Qualtie followed a "think big - start small" approach and first implemented the online recycling experience - MyBoneYard.com (MBY). Once the website was up and running and started serving the needs of its first customers, the team restructured the inner database and implemented the surrounding programming services to convert the app into the SaaS platform. This greatly helped with further adoption of MBY as a white-label solution by the great brands including but not limited to: Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples, Microsoft, HTC, Samsung. Over the course of 7 years, until acquired by Clover Wireless (http://cloverwireless.com), the platform was successfully serving the needs of the world's first online electronics recycling initiative.

of electronic devices recycled through platform

online platform with "white-labeling" capabilities
major brands

Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, HTC, Microsoft, Samsung, to name a few
7 years

of service fulfilling each and every device recycling
Despite demanding client requirements and timelines, the response was always to find a way together. One of my most valued partnerships.
Thomas Muhs
President and Chief Officer
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