Cloud-enabling the computer vision-based tennis court automation technology for rapid scaling.

Sports, Tennis
7 months
Technology Stack
ASP.NET, C#, PostgreSQL, Angular.js
Released products
Multi-tenant Web and Mobile Tennis Club Control Center and Customer Portal
Key Metric
100% cloud enablement + multi-tenancy
Business Challenge
AccuTennis, the creators of innovative tennis court automation equipment, after proving the concept and piloting their equipment and the initial version of their software inside several tennis facilities, faced the challenge of inability to operate and manage all their clients (tennis clubs, players) from a central place and provide access to the software from a centralized location. They decided to migrate their software to the cloud, add multi-tenancy to their solution for simplified onboarding of new clients, and improve their software to meet industry standards.
How we helped
Qualtie took the challenge seriously, improved the UI/UX experience of the club and customer portals, migrated the solution to the cloud, added the support for multi-tenancy as required, ensured the platform's operational and functional scalability, restructured the software components to meet the industry standards, implemented the mobile web app in addition to the standard one, as well as developed the company's branding and marketing materials. As the result of this transformation, the client's business had successful commercial launch.

cloud-enablement of all services

increase in Operational Efficiency
1,800 hours

of development and digital operations

commercial launch of the company and the product
Landing page
During the project we launched the product landing page. Now it's used to introduce new customers to the product and logins the existing ones to the system. Take a look: http://accutennis.com
Computer-vision game stats
Match and drill statistics are automatically annotated and stored for future review and scouting.
The work Qualtie performed was completed in a shorter time period than we allocated for a single full-time, in-house developer. We love working with Qualtie!
Adam Sher
AccuTennis CEO
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