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From MS Excel to excellence: how "one-day play" kids' tournament scheduling business speed-rocketed through digital transformation.

One Day Scheduling
Sports, e-Commerce
One Day Scheduling
8 months
Technology Stack
PHP, Node.js, October CMS, PostgreSQL, AWS
Released products
Tournament Scheduling SaaS Platform, Online Tournament Marketplace
Key Metric
35% increase in online customers
Business Challenge
One Day Scheduling (ODS), a Chicago-based company that conducts business around hosting and scheduling children's basketball "play one day"-style tournaments was performing the labor-intensive, time-consuming and tedious work of tournament scheduling via MS Excel. This lasted for years, and at a certain point in time the database of basketball teams and the geography of company's held tournaments had outgrown the leveraged technical solution, and after a certain number of sleepless nights the founder of the company realized that it was time for a change.
How we helped
Qualtie has implemented and launched an efficient tool for tournament scheduling, which is now a core of client's SaaS "One Day Scheduling" platform. This helped ODS to restore their business operations, and take it to the next level: the better organized sports teams database and the new tournament scheduler provided a 100x higher capacity and performance compared to the old MS Excel-based solution, reduced labor costs, and let the company focus on building up their customer base and expand the geography of their-hosted one day tournaments.

After a year of successful run, ODS let Qualtie re-implement the existing Tournament Management Portal: team tournament registrations, payment processing, team roster, tournament brackets, team search, tournament search, team play schedule, and many more. At last, but not least, Qualtie helped ODS extend the sports kinds coverage and add support for soccer tournaments in addition to basketball.

ODS enjoys the solution at a whole and the business now shows rapid and steady growth, taking them to the national level.
Division Builder
The unique solution to create and manage divisions for the upcoming events. The interface has all information for efficient management of teams including time, coach and location restrictions. Time spent on managing the divisions decreased by 2 times comparing to handling this task on Google Spreadsheet.
Scheduling tool
All-in-one solution to manage sports events. The automated scheduling tool is a real game-changer - the manager just needs to check the schedule for correctness, no manual work. It allows managing more events with the same workforce.
E-commerce solution for sports
Custom e-commerce solution for the youth sports industry. Allows organizers to sell participation in games with flexible discounts, e-checks and credit balance.
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