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Efficient orchestration of restaurant equipment installation across multiple locations.

Taco Bell
through partnership with SilverTree Systems
Taco Bell
6 month
Technology Stack
Salesforce Platform, APEX, VisualForce
Released products
Equipment Installation Orchestrator
Key Metric
1,000+ restaurants served

restaurants served
100% visibility

over installation process across many locations
+20% increase

on equipment installation logistics
10% decrease

on installation time, overall
Business Challenge
Taco Bell is continuously building restaurants in different locations across the United States. After physical construction of a restaurant location is complete, it must be properly equipped inside. This is a complex process that requires coordination across many vendors, manufacturing, supply, delivery, and installation teams. Eric and the Operations team were faced with increasing pressure for increased efficiency and real-time visibility to Sr leadership across these projects. They implemented SFDC as part of this digital transformation initiative. This got them part of the way there (read: out of excel), but their deployment still left them heavily dependent on many repetitive manual processes that were subject to human error and the time lag of data entry. In order to fully realize their real-time 100% visibility goal Eric and his team knew they needed to automate many aspects of this overall work management process, but could not find any software readily available on the market capable of meeting their needs.
How we helped
We started by carefully analyzing their overall restaurant equipping workflow, and identified both purely repetitive tasks and the many steps that slightly differ depending on circumstances. This presented a unique challenge and explained why none of the commercially available "out of the box" software solutions were up to the task. To ensure the necessary flexibility of process configuration, Qualtie built a sophisticated visual workflow designer and a workflow execution engine that we optimized for client's data based on the Salesforce platform they already used and their existing internal processes. To meet the real-time visibility needs, we also developed an interactive dashboard that visualized the equipment installation process across multiple locations. This provided an easy to digest "snapshot" of where each installation stood in relation to the overall process and provided simple visibility of any blockers or delays along the way that needed immediate attention or rescheduling from project leadership. the Taco Bell team were able to orchestrate thousands of successful equipment installations nationwide.
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