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Healthcare can be certain that their drug clinical trials across the world are now under full control.

PRA Healthcare
through partnership with SilverTree Systems
PRA Healthcare
24 months
Technology Stack
Salesforce Platform, Work-Relay, VisualForce, APEX
Released products
Visual Workflow Designer, Workflow Execution Engine, All-in-one Dashboard
Key Metric
100% of control over the clinical trials across the world
Business Challenge
PRA Healthcare, headquartered in Raleigh, NC, needed an efficient tool that could help them automate their drug clinical trial process. Company has branches in multiple locations across the Globe, and the clinical trial process differs according to the certain country's legislation, so our customer was looking for a solution that could help them not only automate the clinical trial process according to the legislations at the location of the trials, but also to orchestrate trials conducted at different locations and provide visibility at every level of the process.
How we helped
We provided a solution by enhancing our hybrid process/project management tool (Work-Relay) to satisfy the requirements of PRA. We implemented a sophisticated Business Process Automation Accelerator consisting of the Visual Workflow Designer, the Project Management (Gantt) Portal as well as the interactive and very detailed dashboard that helped visualize the progress on all conducted trials through a single place. With our solution the client was able to successfully orchestrate numerous clinical trials conducted at different geographical locations.
100% control

on conducting drug clinical trials across multiple locations over the world
100% visibility

on where each clinical trial stands in the process at every point in time
full compliance

with legislation in different countries
100% flexible

fully customizable workflows on clinical trials and any healthcare process needs
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